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A few precaution of waterjet (waterjet abrasive) processing

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Compared with traditional processing technology, waterjet (waterjet sand) processing has obvious advantages, not only has strong cutting performance, low cutting costs, and more environmentally friendly, it will not produce a large amount of waste slag waste. Waterjet (waterjet sand) processing is truly multi-functional, high-efficiency cold cutting processing.

Waterjet (waterjet sand) processing is to raise the pressure of the water flow to a high enough level (200MPa or more), so that the water flow has great kinetic energy and can penetrate chemical fiber, wood, leather, rubber, etc. Mixing a certain percentage of abrasive in the high-speed water flow, it can penetrate almost all hard materials such as ceramics, stone, glass, metal, alloy, etc. The correct operation or not will largely determine the final cutting effect, what should be noted? The following are 11 points of caution shared with you.

1. In the process of cutting the workpiece, the operator and extraneous personnel should maintain a certain distance from the equipment.

2. Cutting smaller, lighter workpiece, should take fixed measures to prevent the process of cutting out of position.

3. To ensure that the workpiece to be cut has been placed flat, to avoid cutting sand tube damage, resulting in safety accidents.

4. If the workpiece is found to be impacted out of position in the process of cutting, it is forbidden to use other objects to correct it.

5. In the process of taking material, change the nozzle must first switch the high pressure water, or high pressure off, and then operate after the residual high pressure water is removed.

6. In the use of waterjet (waterjet sand) cutting, according to the different materials should be selected for different pressure operation.

7. Using the waterjet (waterjet sand) processing process, pay attention to the waterjet (waterjet sand) booster and high pressure pipe work sealing situation.

8. In the emergency power outage, high pressure water will remain in the high pressure system, once the call, the residual high pressure water will be ejected, therefore, this time also do not approach the cutting head, after the power is reconnected, the residual high pressure water needs to be removed.

9. Operators need to frequently observe the operation status of the equipment indicator display.

10. Use the crane lifting workpiece in the process should pay attention to the collision equipment.

11. The edges of the workpiece processed by the waterjet (waterjet sand) are very sharp, so a high degree of attention should be paid to avoid being scratched and cut.

In addition, after the processing is completed, the workpiece should be organized in time, clean up the edges and turn off the power supply to ensure safety. When one of the following conditions occurs, should immediately shut down maintenance: high pressure normal operation, cutting head no high pressure water spray; cutting head high pressure out of the water presented intermittent, the pressure gauge indication in 0 ~ 15MPa swing between; high pressure parts, high pressure pipeline showing cracks, distortion deformation and media leakage.

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