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Alluvial Pink Garnet SGA80
Alluvial pink garnet SGA80 is a versatile, all-purpose garnet ideal for general waterjet cutting machine. It is recognized as the industry standard waterjet cutting abrasive among manufacturers’ globally. It consists of the highest quality alluvial garnet engineered to achieve optimum surface finish and cutting speeds.


High pressure waterjet cutting is used worldwide in a variety of applications from cutting thick metals and stone, to thin and delicate materials.

-Sharpe Angular Edges;

-High Hardness, Faster Cutting Efficiency;

-Uniform Size Distribution, No Stuck in Nozzle;

-No Free-Silica.

Our Milestone
  • 2015.04
    Develop Bauxite&Kaolin Mining.
  • 2016.08
    Develop Rock Garnet Mining.
  • 2018.05
    CNAS Lab Accreditation.
  • 2020.06
    Develop Alluvial Garnet Mining.

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