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  • Brand new container, Customized package


    Brand new container, Customized package.We not only provide products simply, but also strive to provide customers with the best possible solutions. Read More
  • 100 tons Alluvial garnet are ready for delivery.


    Alluvial garnet has lower dust, lower salt, lower chloride. Conductivity less than 15ms/m according to ASTM D4940-15. Read More
  • Maximizing your waterjet cutting production


    Maximizing your waterjet cutting production with the best possible edge quality can be achieved with the right equipment settings and the highest quality garnet - SEPPE Garnet™. Find out why our garnet delivers the highest cutting performance and has been the trusted abrasive for various application Read More
  • The Red Sea Situation Affect The Global Supply Chain


    The Red Sea waters are an important international trade channel for goods and energy. The continued tension in the Red Sea has forced more and more freight companies choosing to avoid the Red Sea, which has had a serious impact on global shipping and the economy.This has led to sharp increases in o Read More
  • Laba Festival 2024


    January 18, 2024, today is China’s traditional festival, Laba Festival. After Laba, New Year coming soon.Happy Laba Festival! Read More
  • SEPPE Garnet Better Surface Integrity


    Maximizing your production with the best possible quality can be achieved with the right equipment settings.Find out why our garnet delivers the highest performance and has been the trusted material for sandblasting/waterjetcutting . It is the right product for cutting hard materials, as it doesn’t Read More
  • Гранат Высококачественный материал


    Операторы водоструйной резки осознают важность системы резки в их повседневной работе, но многие не осознают, насколько важно качество материала для общей производительности водоструйной машины.Примеси в материале могут привести к ненужному износу деталей. Использование граната высокого качества пов Read More
  • Garnet High Quality Material


    Waterjet operators are aware of the importance of the cutting system in their everyday operation, but many are not aware of how important material quality is for the overall performance of the waterjet machine.Impurities in material can create unnecessary wear on parts. Using high quality garnet wil Read More
  • Сделайте правильный разрез с помощью граната


    От множества факторов зависит, сделаете ли вы правильный рез, но нет более важного, чем выбор правильного абразива.В SEPPE мы потратили много времени на то, чтобы понять, как работают наши продукты, сравнить их с другими абразивами и как это влияет на производительность.Более подробная информация на Read More
  • Make The Right Cut with Garnet


    Many factors determine whether you’ll make the right cut, but none is more important than choosing the right abrasive.At SEPPE we’ve spent a lot of time globally understanding how our products perform and compare that with other abrasives and how that impacts the performance.More details at info@sep Read More
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