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Abrasives Garnet Sand for Waterjet Cutting

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At present, abrasives for waterjet cutting, garnet natural abrasive is common.

Although the bulk of large-particle abrasive is shaper, it is not easy to be accelerated; Small-particle abrasives have small bulk, and after acceleration, they can't achieve strong cutting ability. Only the appropriate particle size has the strongest cutting ability. 

Literally the abrasive with higher hardness has higher cutting ability, it has more serious damage on the focusing tube and also higer cost. Therefore, garnet abrasive with particle size of 80 mesh is more suitable for waterjet cutting.

SEPPE is also our preferred abrasive as it delivers excellent cutting edges. You will not only achieve the optimal consumption rates but also keep wear and tear on your waterjet parts to a minimum. We maintain an uninterrupted supply of the high quality of abrasives to our customers, anywhere in the world.

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