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Analysis of garnet sand, carborundum and quartz sand.

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Garnet is now widely used in various industries. There are some abrasives are also more common such as emery, quartz sand, brown corundum, etc. Then we will briefly analyze these common abrasives.

1. Garnet is a natural mineral processed abrasive, which is more widely used abroad. Compared with other abrsives, it has more advantages and is relatively cheap. It does not contain harmful free silicon, and generally will not appear in the phenomenon of sandblasting dusty phenomenon. The sandblasting effect of using garnet is pretty good, it can reach the highest level sandblasting effect.

2. Quartz sand is previously used more sandblasting abrasive, but it relatively exists a lot of shortcomings: The residue of soft impurities on the surface after sandblasting, it's easy to fall off and blister after painting.; More dust in the sandblasting site, much harm to operaters and environment.

3. Carborundum is divided into artificial and natural two kinds, natural carborundum is said to be garnet sand. Artifical carborundum is the silicon carbide produced by the high temperature reaction of silicon dioxide in clay, the color is mainly black and green. As abrasives are mainly used as raw materials for production, while polishing and grinding sandblasting its price is relatively high.

Overall, whether in the cost or in the use of the effect, or the use of the environment, garnet is the most suitable for sandblasting abrasives.

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