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Application of Garnet Sand for Waterjet Cutting

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Garnet sand, which is grinding from raw materials of garnet , has the characteristics of high hardness, high temperature resistance, stable chemical properties, uniform particles, high grinding efficiency and no scratch. 

Suitable for waterjet cutting industry; Various metal, plastic, wood and other surface sandblasting industries; Ultra-precision grinding, precision casting in mechanical industry.

For the purchase of garnet sand, we must choose a regular production enterprise, because the quality of garnet sand directly affects the speed and effect of water jet cutting.

Garnet sand waterjet cutting is mainly to spray garnet sand at high speed to achieve the purpose of cutting, and the cutting strength of garnet sand is thousands of times that of pure waterjet. It has a wider cutting range, and can cut hard objects such as metals, ceramics, composite materials and stones, and the cutting effect is of great benefit.

SEPPE has advanced technology. And the garnet sand produced is suitable in particle size, without too large or too small particles, and the extremely low dust content will not lead to insufficient water jet cutting and plugging. 

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