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Can garnet abrasives be reused in water cutting?

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Garnet is a natural abrasive with relatively high hardness, which is widely used in water cutting and sandblasting industries. So can garnet abrasives be reused in water cutting?

1. The garnet abrasive acts on the surface of the cutting object through a high-pressure jet flow. While cutting the object, the surface of the object reacts against the garnet abrasive, which will produce a reaction force on the garnet abrasive. During this process, the original garnet undergoes fragmentation, thereby changing the original particle size, but the chemical properties do not change. Therefore, after one cutting, the garnet abrasive can still be used for secondary use, but the finer grain size will affect the cutting efficiency. At this time, the nozzle needs to be replaced to cut finer objects.

2. After the garnet is cut by water jet, it is difficult to effectively recycle, and the recycling cost is also a factor that needs to be considered by consumers. Instead of this, it is better to directly choose to purchase new garnet abrasives.

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