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Common problems of garnet abrasives You must know

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1) Not clean washing, or even not washing

Some production and processing enterprises in order to save costs in the water washing process, the amount of water is not enough or the water quality is very poor, or even no water washing, resulting in high mud content of the abrasive.

2) Insufficient magnetic separation or even no magnetic separation at all

Since the production speed will be slowed down after adding the magnetic separation process, as the magnetic separation process will contain part of the pomegranate sand abrasive in the impurities removed, so many manufacturers consider the production capacity, are not willing to carry out magnetic separation, even if the magnetic separation, will also speed up, resulting in poor magnetic separation process, impurities removal is not sufficient.

3) Abrasive particle size coarse and fine does not meet the standard specification

The control of abrasive particle size is mainly based on the sun screen screening process, and the quality problems in this area are coarse and fine particle size.

Coarse grain size.

Some manufacturers, in order to speed up production or reduce costs, are not willing to regularly stop production to replace the screen accessories, the screen is seriously worn out, resulting in over-sun particles than the standard coarse, or even in order to increase production intentionally use large diameter screen, such coarse abrasive in the water cutting or sandblasting is easy to block the sand pipe, glass processing will increase the chance of bursting edge or even easier to break the glass.

Fine grain size.

As fine particles are more easily produced during the conventional production process, many domestic manufacturers, in order to reduce losses and waste sand, will not meet the standard fine particle products added to the coarse particle products mixed and matched sales. In the process of use, these fine-grained products are not blocking the sand pipe, so this practice is more concealed, the general use of abrasive waterjet processing manufacturers are difficult to find. However, due to the fine particles, the impact is not enough, compared with standard products, users will find that the amount of sand is large, the actual cost of use than similar standard products to be higher.

4) Replacing the good with the bad

In order to reduce the cost and enhance the competitiveness of product price, many domestic pomegranate abrasives manufacturers often use substandard products as good ones.

* False labeling of product purity.

Because of the domestic garnet ore, more associated minerals, domestic factory processing technology level are relatively backward, so the actual finished product purity is generally not high, only about 60-80%, rarely can reach more than 90%, some even less than 50%, but customers will find many manufacturers claim that their products purity in more than 90%, or even higher.

* Confusing and changing concepts.

Some brands of garnet abrasives of the associated mineral chlorite, chlorite content is high, the manufacturer can not remove, so it is called green garnet. There are even businesses called green abrasives, specializing in the sale of green sand abrasives. In fact, the Mohs hardness of these green associated minerals is only 5-6, or even lower, far from the standard hardness of garnet abrasives 7-8, in addition to their density is far lower than garnet, in cutting or sandblasting, the effect is significantly worse, and consumption is also more. Overall, cheaper but not less expensive in terms of the quantity and total cost required.

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