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Considerations must be taken when purchasing garnet abrasives.

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When choose a good garnet abrasive, the user must first think of the fact that garnet is a natural abrasive. The process of processing garnet abrasives is the same for all manufacturers. Any missing or insufficient segment will lead to the decline of quality. The production costs of crushing, screening, washing, drying, magnetic separation and packaging are almost the same, and no one will have significantly lower costs. If the price is lower than the market price, the following issues must be considered when purchasing:

1. The manufacturer uses low purity raw ore to reduce mining costs and the finished product has a high impurity content.

2. Lowering the sieving standard, mixing unqualified products into qualified products and reducing the amount of waste sand.

3. Reduce the quality of the washing process, or even no washing (no washing can reduce drying links, greatly reducing production costs and speeding up production)

4. Accelerate the impurity removal speed of magnetic separation (impurity residues will be higher than slow magnetic separation), or even no magnetic separation.

5. Use worn recycled packaging to reduce packaging cost (it will increase the damage rate of packaging)

Therefore, when selecting garnet abrasive, users should fully consider their own needs, know "what kind of garnet abrasive should I use?", formulate a quality standard that they need to reach, and then select products with high cost performance ratio to control their production costs.

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