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Environmentally friendly dust-free sandblasting abrasive--garnet sand

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At present, sandblasting has been widely used in various fields. Manufacturers are looking for safe and environmentally friendly dust-free sandblasting abrasives. At present, garnet abrasives are mostly used. Why do many people choose garnet abrasives?

1. The specific gravity of garnet is large and the settling speed is fast, so there is less dust during sandblasting;

2. Garnet abrasives have extremely low dust content after multiple washings in the production process, and the operation is environmentally friendly and excellent;

3. Garnet abrasives do not contain harmful components such as free silicon and heavy metals, are non-radioactive, and do not pose any health threat to operators;      

4. Garnet is hard in texture and high in hardness. It is not easy to break when it encounters the metal surface during sandblasting. Even if it is broken, it will produce new particles with edges and corners that are similar to cubes, so it can be used repeatedly, generally up to 5 times or more, saving costs.

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