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Few standards of premium garnet for water jet cutting.

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With the continuous development of the industry, water jets have received more and more attention and applications due to their excellent performance. How to choose high-quality and stable garnet water jet sand has become an important aspect of everyone's attention.

The quality of water jet sand mainly depends on the quality of raw materials, the selection of processing equipment and technology, and whether the production quality system of water jet sand is guaranteed. High-quality garnet water jet sand usually has the following characteristics for your reference:

1. High-quality waterjet sands typically cut faster, with smoother, straighter surfaces.

2. The high-quality water jet sand is washed with water, and the product is clean and free of dust and fine particles, which have no cutting effect.

3. The high-quality waterjet sand has no large particles and plugs, which ensures the continuous and stable operation of the waterjet equipment.

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