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Four factors affecting water cutting speed (II)

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Two factors that affect waterjet cutting speed were covered in previous articles, so there are two other considerations:

3. Characteristics of processed materials

The characteristics of the processing material are also the main factors affecting the speed of the jet. The test results and the analysis of the material failure process show that the material affected by the jet has tensile stress from the initiation and expansion of surface cracks to the expansion of the early cracks that separate the microscopic particles from the bulk material, that is, the resistance of the material. The tensile strength has a great influence on the cutting process.

4. The choice of abrasive and the increase or decrease of its flow rate

Experiments have shown that different abrasives have different results for cutting materials. Moreover, as the abrasive flow increases, the crowded abrasive particles will cause interference between the abrasive particles, resulting in a decrease in the effective number of impacts. There is usually an optimum load capacity. When the abrasive flow rate is low, the cutting depth has a linear relationship with the abrasive flow rate. As the abrasive flow rate increases, the cutting depth decreases instead. At present, the most used abrasive for water cutting is garnet abrasive.

Only by understanding and mastering the factors that affect water jet cutting can it be used to better play its effectiveness. The above are the four factors that we have sorted out for you that affect the speed of water cutting.

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