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Garnet Is The Most Commonly Used Water Jet Sand

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Quartz sand, garnet or other sand for Waterjet Cutting?

Quartz sand contains too much chloride, which is easy to form corrosion on the inside of water jet. Moreover, people who work in places with high quartz sand dust content for a long time, such as mining, sand turning, sand blasting, ceramics making, refractory making and other places, are prone to health problems.

The hardness of garnet is very suitable for water jet cutting. Compared with other abrasives, garnet can protect water jet and reduce wear. Compared with quartz sand, garnet abrasive has slightly higher hardness, wider cutting materials, faster cutting speed and better effect.

SEPPE Garnet Sand has the following advantages:

1. Lower soluble chlorine and salt content.

2. Uniform particle size distribution, no stuck in nozzle.

3. Low consumption rate, longer service life.

4. Less dust, good operation environment.

5. High cutting speed, safety and recyclable.

In addition, due to suitable hardness, it can be reused for many times and has high cost performance.

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