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Garnet Sandblasting Widely Used in Rust Removal

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Rust is a porous and loose substance, which is very common in life. The more common rust removal method is sandblasting. If the iron parts are not sandblasted for a long time, the iron matrix will be deformed due to the development and expansion of rust, resulting in cracks and inflow of water, corrosion factors, etc. This will lead to a significant reduction in the service life of the steel.

At present, garnet sand has gradually replaced traditional abrasives for sandblasting. The main advantages of garnet sand are: the hardness can reach 7.5-8 Mohs, no free silicon and harmful heavy metals, very good toughness, and low crushing rate. It can be reused more than 5 times, which also greatly reduces the cost.

In the previous sand blasting and rust removal, quartz sand and river sand are commonly used. These materials not only contain free metals and harmful heavy metals, but also crushed during rust removal, which reduces the rust removal efficiency and increases the cost. The garnet produced by our company has a good cleaning effect after six times of cleaning, and there is no dusty phenomenon during the operation.

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