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Garnet abrasive for wet blasting

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Garnet sand in water jet cleaning is increasingly used in road marking. As a green and pollution-free natural abrasive, garnet is becoming more and more popular in dry and wet blasting.

The water jet cleaning effect is much better. Because the water jet has extremely strong impact and cutting force, it can directly penetrate into the asphalt pores to remove the marking paint. The cleaned road surface will not only have no residue of marking paint, but also will not have any damage. The whole road surface will become very clean. In fact, water jet cleaning is a wet sandblasting technology. We know that in dry sandblasting using sandblasting machines, garnet sandblasting abrasives can be used more quickly and effectively because of their high hardness, wear resistance and sharp corners. Adding garnet abrasive to the water jet can not only reduce the water pressure, but also greatly increase the friction, and the effect will be better.

Second, green construction is convenient. With the use of high-pressure water jet cleaning technology and the addition of garnet sandblasting abrasives, not only can construction be carried out at any time, but also with the development of technology, there are good equipment that can be easily moved. Green environmental protection changes at any time to achieve a variety of cleaning purposes.

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