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Garnet for Blasting Stainless Steel

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As is known to all, ordinary steel usually goes through the process of sand blasting and derusting before use, which can remove rust, oxide scale and other sundries. Before pickling and passivation, stainless steel will also undergo sandblasting to clean the surface, remove the possible oil stains on the surface, and make the surface roughness meet certain requirements, or achieve certain process objectives or produce a frosted surface to reduce reflection.

The dust-free garnet abrasive has the following characteristics when sandblasting stainless steel:

Dust-free garnet sand has high hardness, high density, good toughness, sharp corners and sharp edge toughness. It is a high-grade, pure natural non-metallic sandblasting abrasive.

The dust-free garnet sand processed in accordance with higher quality standards has reasonable particle size distribution, less dust, extremely low soluble salt (chloride) content and conductivity, and does not contain free silicon, heavy metals and other harmful components, meeting the requirements of iso11126, iso11127, PSPC and other specifications, and meeting the more stringent industrial and military technical requirements.

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