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Garnet waterjet sand shall be protected from moisture

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The quality evaluation of garnet water jet sand generally focuses on the following aspects: high hardness, clean and dust-free, uniform particles without larger or smaller particles, which ensure that the water jet can have a better cutting speed. In fact, in addition to the aspects of these products, we should also pay attention to some details. Sometimes, the details often determine the success or failure, such as the moisture-proof problem of product packaging. We should all know about the water jet sand pipe. Its diameter is relatively small. In actual use, the water knife sand must be mixed with high-speed water flow through the sand channel pipe to ensure high-speed kinetic energy for cutting.

Sometimes some large particles will cause the problem of sand pipe plugging. In addition to the product itself, it is also possible that the garnet water knife sand is affected with moisture. This will cause the water jet sand to form small pieces. Therefore, in order to avoid this problem, it is necessary to do a good job in the moisture-proof work of garnet water jet sand, which should be carried out from the following aspects:

1. When purchasing garnet water knife sand, you should choose a regular manufacturer's product to ensure that the drying process of the product is in place.

2. In the process of transportation, protection should be done to prevent dampness or rain.

3. When using and storing, it should be placed in a dry environment. The remaining sand should also be cleaned and sealed in a timely manner to strengthen the awareness of moisture-proof.

In general, it is also for use to pay attention to moisture-proof. The garnet water knife sand can smoothly cooperate with the water knife to cut. Doing a good job in the early stage can save a lot of effort in the later work, as well as work and life.

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