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Good Performace of Low Dust Garnet Abrasive for Sandblasting

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Dust-free garnet sand can penetrate into holes and uneven parts for cleaning, and thoroughly remove scale, rust, soluble salt and other dirt. The sandblasted surface has no embedded objects, no adverse bumps and pits. It is easy to obtain a higher sandblasting grade of Sa3, with a surface roughness of 30-80 microns, to achieve stronger coating adhesion and longer coating service life.

In addition, the hardness of dust-free garnet sand is 7.5-8.0, the density is 4.2g/cm3, and the edges and corners are sharp. The cutting effect is excellent. The sand blasting area is large per unit time, the sand consumption per unit area is small, and the sand blasting cost is low. This is more due to the excellent toughness and low brittleness of garnet sandblasting abrasives, the low crushing rate in the sandblasting process, which can be recycled many times depending on the application situation, further reducing the use cost of customers.

Because garnet has a large specific gravity of 4.0-4.2 and a fast settling speed, there is less dust in the sand blasting process. After many times of washing in the production process, the dust content is extremely low, and the operating environment will be better than quartz sand.

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