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High-quality garnet sand improves the cutting efficiency of water jet

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Compared with other cutting methods, water jet cutting appears later and belongs to a new type of cutting method. With its advantages of high precision and zero pollution, it is used more and more widely. In the actual use of the water jet, there are many factors that affect the cutting effect. Many manufacturers will have sand pipe plug, edge collapse, slow cutting speed and other phenomena when cutting, so how to solve it?

We know that the principle of water cutting is to use high-speed garnet abrasive mixed flow to process the workpiece. The key is the speed of garnet sand, and this speed comes from the high-pressure pump of the water cutter. In the purchase of water knives, the capacity of high-pressure pump is a big indicator to measure the quality of water knives.

Generally speaking, the cutting speed and cutting depth of the water jet cutter increase with the increase of its jet pressure. Because with the increase of jet pressure, the flow rate of water jet increases, and the impact pressure of the jet on the processed material increases. Moreover, through scientific experiments, it is found that the increase of pressure significantly improves the quality of the slit section. If we can cooperate with high-quality garnet sand abrasive, we can achieve a perfect combination of speed and quality.

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