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How To Help Ensure Maximum Blasting Performance

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Abrasive blasting is a complex process with numerous variables that impact performance. Every blasting application is unique. Proper planning, close monitoring, occasional adjustments, and recycling as appropriate are necessary to create a safe, efficient, and environmentally sound blasting operation.

These abrasive blasting guidelines will help operators achieve maximum performance from SEPPE's blast-media garnet abrasives.

Clean Blast Pot

Remove all foreign materials or other blasting abrasives from inside the pot and make sure the filter is clean. Contaminants that remain from previous use make proper abrasive metering difficult and increase dust generation.

Air Supply

Use clean, dry air (use aftercooler/dryer as needed) with an air pressure range of 90-110 psi at the nozzle. Higher air pressure yields greater productivity, all things being equal, but it also increases particle breakdown. Pressures above 100 psi at the nozzle help ensure optimum abrasive efficiency in the form of faster cutting and lower abrasive consumption. When recycling, operator will need to determine optimal settings to balance cutting speed with recycled yield.

Abrasive Metering

Very little garnet is required to produce a clean, uniform finish compared to other blast media. In general, you will use only about half as much garnet as compared to coal slag, provided you are using the correct grade of garnet (Please refer to the previous level selection guide news). To set the proper abrasive metering, close the metering valve, then open it slowly while blasting to introduce abrasive to the air stream until you reach the point where the optimal cut is achieved.

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