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Instruction and application of garnet

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Garnet is an island-like aluminum (calcium) silicate, which can be divided into two main categories: alumina and calcium oxide. The chemical composition of garnet varies greatly. The general chemical formula is A3B2[SiO4]3, where A represents cations such as divalent calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese, and B represents cations such as trivalent aluminum, iron, chromium, and manganese.

Garnet is generally crystalline particles of different sizes, with moderate hardness (7.0-8.0), high melting point, good chemical stability, etc. The color shows different colors according to the product and structure, including dark red, maroon , pink, black, etc. Garnet has moderate hardness, good toughness and uniform particle size. It is a good natural abrasive. It has been widely used in optical industry, electronic industry, machinery industry and other departments. like:

(1) Abrasives in high-pressure water jet equipment (water jet) cutting;

(2) Sandblasting, rust removal, cutting, special welding and thermal spraying, manufacturing of raw materials for grinding wheels, whetstones, emery cloths, and sandpaper;

(3) Used as a filter medium for water treatment;

(4) It can improve the smoothness of silicon wafers, optical lenses, precision instruments, polished glass bulbs, glassware, ceramic stones, leather, plastics, and metal parts;

(5) It can be used as a good wear-resistant material for building highway roads, airstrips, wear-resistant rubber, industrial floors, and anti-skid paints;

(6) It can be used as a medium for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, water treatment and filtration and as a weighting agent for drilling mud;

(7) It can be used as sand for denim blasting workshop in washing factory, etc.

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