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Reasons for the Growth of Garnet Abrasives Market Demand

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1.Excellent surface cleaning effect

It can penetrate deep into holes and uneven parts, and completely remove scale, rust, soluble salt and other dirt. After sandblasting, there are no embedded objects, no unfavorable protrusions and pits, and it can easily obtain the highest cleaning level of SA3. The surface roughness reaches 30 -80 microns for stronger coating adhesion and longer coating life.

2. The versatility of abrasives

It can be used for polishing and grinding, filling material for sandpaper, grinding wheel, abrasive cloth, etc., water filtration, and industrial use for water jet cutting and surface sandblasting pretreatment.

3. Lower cost of use

Excellent cutting effect, large blasting area per unit time, less sand consumption and low blasting cost. Excellent toughness and low brittleness, low crushing rate, can be recycled 5-10 times, further reducing the cost of use.

4. Health, safety and environmental protection

Garnet abrasives do not contain free silicon, which can avoid the problem of silicosis when the silica sand is broken. It is non-radioactive and does not have any environmental and health risks.

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