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Sand Blasting And Shot Blasting

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Both shot blasting and sandblasting use high-pressure air or compressed air as the power to blow it out at high speed and impact the surface of the workpiece to achieve cleaning effect, but the effect varies depending on the medium chosen.

The main differences between shot blasting and sandblasting are:

1. Shot blasting is the use of a high-speed rotating impeller to throw small steel or iron balls out and impact the surface of the part at high speed, thus removing the oxide layer on the surface of the part. Sandblasting is a method of using compressed air to blow out garnet sand at high speed to clean the surface of parts.

2. Generally speaking, shot blasting (small steel shot) is mostly used for steel plate pretreatment (rust removal before coating) in repair/shipbuilding industry. Sand blasting (ore sand is used for repairing/shipbuilding) is mostly used for forming ships or sections, which is used to remove old paint and rust on steel plates and repaint them.

3. Shot blasting is the process of using an electric motor to drive the impeller body to rotate, and using centrifugal force to throw balls with a diameter of 0.2-3.0 (such as cast balls, cut balls, stainless steel balls, etc.) towards the surface of the workpiece, making the workpiece more beautiful or changing the welding tensile stress to compressive stress, thereby improving the service life of the workpiece. Sandblasting is used in steel structures to transmit force through friction between the bonding surfaces, so the quality of the bonding surface is highly required. In this case, sandblasting must be used to treat the bonding surface.

4. After sandblasting treatment, the dirt on the surface of the workpiece is removed, and the surface of the workpiece is slightly damaged, resulting in a significant increase in surface area, thereby increasing the bonding strength between the workpiece and the coating/coating; After shot blasting treatment, the dirt on the surface of the workpiece is removed, and the surface of the workpiece is minimally damaged, resulting in an increase in surface area.

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