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Sandblasting with Garnet Sand Compared with Other Methods!

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In this text, you would learn why garnet sand is popular at sandblasting.

Did you know apart from sandblasting, there are three other ways to remove rust from parts in industry? They are manual derusting, ultrasonic derusting and chemical rust removal. So, what are the characteristics of these derusting methods? Why can sandblasting stand out from these derusting methods?

1. Manual derusting

Although manual derusting has high precision, it is slow and inefficient. Also it would consume needless manpower.

2. Chemical derusting

We all know that acids can react chemically with metal oxides and chemical derusting is to use this principle to achieve the effect of removing rust on metal surfaces. However, this method is easy to produce pollutants. With the awareness of environment protection, people take great importance to global health. So this method is not advocated.

3. Ultrasonic derusting

Metal oxide "rust" is usually loose in structure and can be detached by high-frequency vibration. Ultrasonic derusting uses this principle, but according to the current technology, the derusting effect of such ultrasonic derusting is generally not ideal, and it is easy to rust again. 

Conclusion: sandblasting with alluvial river garnet sand is the most popular method! Due to garnet sand is uniform distribution surface, roundness and high strength, sandblasting derusting has no such concerns! After garnet sand flowing, the surface of equipment would "refresh".

SEPPE Garnet Sand has high quality and lower impurities and harmless components. It has no corrosion, secondary pollution and other negative effects on the derusting materials, which is safer and more reliable. In addition, it can be recycled and is not easy to break. SEPPE garnet sand is more practical. Try our best to meet our customer needs.

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