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Several ways to judge the quality of garnet abrasives

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The easier way is to observe with the naked eye:

(1) Contrast of ore color

The garnet abrasive itself is purplish red or brownish red. If green, gray white or black substances are found, they are impurities. The number of impurities means the purity of garnet abrasive. At present, the common impurities of garnet abrasive in China are omphacite, chlorite, feldspar (gray white), mica flake (black) and ilmenite (black)

(2) Water washing effect comparison

If it is slightly white, it indicates that the content of silt in the garnet sand is low, and there is a water washing process; If the water solution is gray, it indicates that the mud content is slightly high and the water washing process is not complete; If the aqueous solution is yellow or very turbid, it means that the water washing process is poor or even there is no water washing at all.

In addition, it can also be checked by the actual use effect:

(3) Comparison of abrasive blasting surface effect (sand blasting process effect)

If there are too many impurities, there will be abnormal color spots or spots on the abrasive jet surface, and the surface is not smooth;

The roughness of the abrasive sprayed surface will be uneven. If anti-corrosion coating is required in the later stage, the adhesion of the coating will be uneven, which will easily lead to coating falling off and accelerate the corrosion and oxidation of the product.

1. The content of garnet sand is too low, resulting in insufficient impact strength, the rust spots on the steel plate can not be removed, and the surface roughness of the steel plate after spraying and grinding can not meet the requirements.

2. The content of garnet sand is too low, the mud content is high, and there are also a lot of other impurities. After the steel plate is sprayed and milled, the powder and mud of impurities will adhere to the surface of the steel plate with impact, leaving color spots of different sizes on the surface of the steel plate, and the cleanliness of the spray grinding is poor.

The above two points will increase the process and cost of post-processing.

(4) Water jet sand cutting surface (water cutting process effect)

If there are too many impurities and the hardness of the material medium is high or low, it is easy to make the cutting surface rough. Especially for brittle materials such as glass, the cutting surface damage is more obvious. The glass cutting surface will have explosive edges, or even broken. The broken powder of some impurities will be combined to the glass surface with the impact of cutting, which is very difficult to remove.

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