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The Basic Advantages of SEPPE Waterjet Cutting Garnet

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1.Guaranteed Purity

With our unmatched processing, each batch contains highly accurately sized grains of the highest quality almandine garnet.Uncontaminated garnet enables faster cutting and cleaner cuts.

2.Higher Quality Cut

SEPPE’s waterjet abrasives’ unique grain hardness, density and toughness ensure the highest production rates and the perfect edge quality with the first cut. Our waterjet garnet can cut virtually any material with a thickness of up to 24 inches.

3.No Oversize Grains

SEPPE Garnet has no dust particles or fine grains that hinder garnet flow or oversized grains that block focusing tubes. This means you can count on uninterrupted, efficient cutting from your equipment.

4.Reduced Abrasive Consumption

Our subangular grains provide the perfect balance between cutting speed and edge quality. The alluvial garnet grains result in direct cost savings and longer operating life of your waterjet equipment.

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