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The Characteristics of Garnet for Sandblasting

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Garnet sand has many characteristics such as high hardness, high temperature resistance, stable chemical properties, uniform particles, high grinding efficiency and no scratch. Well in this text you would like to get more details about garnet:

1.The texture is hard and the Mohs hardness is above 7.1, which is higher than that of commonly used sandblasting materials such as quartz sand. The service life is longer.

2. Garnet is an approximately particle with edges and corners, and its derusting effect of sandblasting is better. It can not only completely remove the rust, scale, coating and pollutants on the metal surface, but also produce an ideal angular rough surface on the cleaned metal surface due to its high hardness, thereby improving the derusting performance.

3. The density is usually about 4g/cm, which has strong impact force and can better clean the metal surface.

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