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The analysis of not choosing brown aluminum oxide in waterjet cutting

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The abrasive hardness required for water cutting is high. But high hardness abrasive is not only garnet, brown aluminum oxide also has high hardness. So why not use brown aluminum oxide in water jet cutting?

1.The hardness is too high, not suitable for precision cutting.

The hardness of Brown aluminum oxide is really high. But in the waterjet cutting industry, because of its hardness is too high, it is easy to cause damage to materials when cutting certain fine items, not suitable for fine cutting. Secondly, because of its high hardness, the wear and tear on the waterjet sand tube is also greater than the garnet sand.

2.High cost of cutting

Water cutting requires a lot of abrasives, the price of brown corundum is much higher than garnet sand. Besides, its wear and tear on the waterjet sand, adding the price of the waterjet sand tube, will in turn increase the cost of enterprises.

3.High quality garnet sand

Garnet sand is influenced by the original ore, plus the improvement of the production process of garnet sand, the quality and output of garnet are guaranteed.

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