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The choice of garnet sand in waterjet cutting

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Garnet sand is widely used in the water jet industry. It can be said that garnet sand drives the development of the water jet industry. The general water jet can only cut soft objects because the cutting force is too small, so its application field is very limited. When garnet sand is added to the water jet, it can undergo qualitative change and can cut hard materials such as steel. At the same time, garnet water jet cutting has also become a common cutting method in the industry.

If the particle size of garnet sand is too large, although the water cutting effect is better and the speed is fast, the requirements for particle size are relatively high, and the principle of garnet sand cutting is that the water flow accelerates the garnet sand, so as to achieve an effect of cutting. The ideal state is that the sand enters the sand pipe one by one, but in reality, it may be that two particles fall together. If there are large particles of water jet sand particles, there will be a plugging phenomenon.

If the particle size of garnet sand is too small, it will affect the cutting speed, resulting in waste of abrasive. Therefore, you must be cautious when choosing a garnet sand manufacturer, and you must have a certain understanding of particle size distribution and sieve analysis. Generally, garnet sand with uniform particle size can ensure the cutting speed and vertical smoothness of the cutting plane during the cutting process.

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