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The cleanliness of garnet abrasive sand affects the effect of water jet cutting

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Unclean waterjet sand is prone to the phenomenon of sand pipe plugging. Generally, water-cutting sand with a large dust content, if the sand is damp, it is easy to produce agglomeration of soil or dust in the sand, which is easy to block the head and prevent the water from flowing out. It is necessary to choose garnet sand produced by professional manufacturers.

If there is a problem with the sand pipe because the water jet sand is not clean, the cutting operation will be affected, and the sand pipe will be scrapped in serious cases, and the cost will be high. Unclean water cutting sand waste sand is more difficult to clean. Experienced people generally know that if the dust content of the sand is high, it will make it difficult to clean up the waste sand, which requires special personnel to clean up. On the contrary, the dust content will be relatively low Good clean up.

In addition to being used for water jet cutting, water jet sand can also be used as a filter material for water filtration. To remove the suspended particles of water and impurities of large particles, if there is no scientific cleaning process, it will only cause the sand to become more and more dirty. SGA garnet is a professional manufacturer of water jet sand. We will share with you a small method to identify water jet sand. Put the sand and water in a ratio of 1:2, put them in the bottle and shake them vigorously. You can see the turbidity of the water. to distinguish.

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