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The importance of low dust content of garnet sand

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Many water cutting manufacturers will have the phenomenon of sand pipe plug in the operation process, which is caused by the uncleanness of garnet sand. If the garnet sand cleaning process is not up to the standard, the dust and soil in the sand will tend to solidify into a mass once it is damp, which is easy to make the sand pipe plug, which not only shortens the service life of the sand pipe, but also affects the production and brings a lot of unnecessary consumption to the company.

The use of garnet sand with large dust content will directly affect the cutting effect, which is not only slow, but also may have the phenomenon of edge collapse. The accumulation of such sand in the chute for a period of time is difficult to clean. It is necessary to assign special personnel to do the cleaning work for half a day or even one day. The water-cut sand with low dust content is easy to clean, which forms a sharp contrast.

Garnet sand with high dust content increases the purchase cost of enterprises. If you purchase a ton of sand, if it contains one fifth of dust and too fine sand particles, it is equivalent to only 800 kilograms of water cutting sand you actually purchased, but you also paid 200 kilograms of dust and too fine invalid particles, because dust and too fine particles can not play the role of cutting and grinding.

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