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The role of garnet sand in sand blasting of iron parts

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Garnet sand is a commonly used natural abrasive. It has excellent sand blasting effect and less dust. Once it appears, it has been favored by more industries. It is also widely used in the field of iron sand blasting. Due to different uses, iron parts need different treatment before use. Before painting, in order to prolong the life of the paint layer, the impurities and oxide scale on the surface of iron parts are generally removed. Garnet sand can make it reach a certain roughness, so that the paint layer and the substrate have a larger contact area, so that the substrate can be better protected.

There are many specifications of garnet sand, which is suitable for sand blasting and rust removal of any iron products, and can meet the surface roughness to be achieved. Select the corresponding specifications. If you want the surface of iron parts to be thicker, choose coarser particles; If you want to make a smooth surface, you should choose a finer garnet sand.

Garnet sand, also known as natural corundum, is a natural abrasive. Raw materials are made into grinding materials by screening and grading methods, without artificial smelting. Its grinding time is short, its efficiency is high, and its price is low, which can make up for the shortage of short service life. Its hardness is between 7.5 and 8.0, and it has sharp corners. In sandblasting, the sharp corners of sand particles are used to sandblast iron parts.

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