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Three major uses of garnet sandblasting

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First, sandblasting grade garnet can be used for sandblasting, rust removal, decontamination, grinding steel, etc., for metal surface treatment in shipbuilding and large-scale complete equipment manufacturing, ship maintenance, etc.

The second is to manufacture molding sand, sintered abrasives and coated bonded abrasives, such as sandpaper, grinding wheel, emery cloth and abrasive paste, for the processing of wood and leather. In resin abrasives, garnet can be used as a filler to replace silicon carbide and brown corundum. With no free silica, garnet is an environmentally friendly blasting material. Garnet can also be made into a consolidated grinding wheel for grinding lenses and lenses. Garnet can achieve good results in the processing of wood, glass, ceramic products, leather, stone, etc.

The third is as a polishing material: high-grade garnet powder can be used for polishing optical instruments, optical glass, TV picture tubes, LCD phosphor screens, oscilloscope tubes, lenses, glasses, lenses, frosted glass, craft glass bottles, etc., as well as silicon wafers , single crystal silicon, germanium, lithium and other electronic and semiconductor materials. In the mechanical instrument industry, it is used for polishing parts, tools, cutting tools and measuring tools. In the printing industry, it is used to grind metal printing plates, etc. It rarely produces scratches and scratches when grinding and polishing the above materials.

Of course, compared with quartz sand, garnet is generally more expensive, but garnet is recyclable and can be used multiple times, so it is still worth the money. Moreover, the price of garnet has remained relatively stable over the past few years due to competition from producers. In any case, the market prospect of garnet is bright. With the development of science and technology, garnet will be more and more widely used, the market demand will become stronger and stronger, and the price will be further improved on the basis of the current relatively strong.

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