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Water Cutting Abrasive — SEPPE Garnet

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A waterjet can be seen as an accelerated, controlled erosion process. A pure water waterjet (one without abrasives) is ideal for very soft materials such as rubber, foam, or food products. When garnet abrasive is added, virtually anything can be cut or eroded away. By adding abrasive, you can greatly enhance the cutting capability of your waterjet and expand the variety of materials you can cut.

SEPPE garnet is a hard mineral typically rated between 7.0 and 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Also, well washed garnet abrasive does not produce a lot of dust when cutting like other processes might. Garnet is also relatively chemically inert and will not react with materials being cut, making its disposal simpler. These qualities are advantageous in waterjet machining.

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