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Waterjet Cutting Garnet Sand

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Garnet sand waterjet cutting is mainly to spray garnet sand at high speed to achieve the purpose of cutting. And the cutting strength of garnet sand is thousands of times that of pure waterjet. Garnet sand waterjet cutting has a wider cutting range, and can cut hard objects such as metals, ceramics, composite materials and stones, and the cutting effect is ideal.

High quality alluvial garnet does not contain any fracture lines that weaken the inherent garnet grain after crushed. Especially in equipment wear and tear, the damage of cutting head nozzle and focusing tube are also reduced. This translates to direct cost-savings and longer service life.

More advantages of SEPPE garnet sand are as follow:

1. Lower soluble chlorine and salt content.

2. Uniform particle size distribution, no stuck in nozzle.

3. Low consumption rate, longer service life.

4. Less dust, good operation environment.

5. High cutting speed, safety and recyclable.

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