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What are the advantages of SEPPE garnet filter material

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Garnet sand, as a water filtration material, has many advantages, such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and good compression resistance. It is an ideal type of water filtration material. 

Due to its large specific gravity, it can withstand large water buoyancy and high-strength stamping ability. It plays a crucial role in the water filtration process, mainly used in the lower layer of the filtration system filter material. At the same time, the garnet filter material has strong corrosion resistance and is almost insoluble in acid and alkali, making it suitable for the treatment of severely polluted water quality in chemical and pharmaceutical plants.

The garnet filter material itself has the characteristic of multiple edges and corners, and has ideal porosity. Compared to other filter materials, it has stronger pollutant interception ability and faster filtration speed. Nowadays, garnet is gradually recognized by the public in water purification and sewage treatment, and it is believed that garnet filter materials will be widely promoted in this field.

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