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What is the effect of chlorine content in garnet?

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Although garnet sand is a necessary abrasive for sandblasting, its requirements are very high, and the chloride content of garnet sand is an important item. Why? First, let's see what chloride is. Chloride is a salt compound formed by the combination of negatively charged chloride ions and positively charged cations of other elements in the field of inorganic chemistry.

If the chloride content in garnet sand is too high, it will be easy to contact with water molecules in the air for oxidation-reduction reaction and produce soluble salts. In this environment, after sand blasting and coating, the coating is easy to produce permeability blisters, which will achieve corrosion and oxidation in the interior of the workpiece, and affect the service life of the coating. Therefore, the chloride content index should be tested before sand blasting of garnet sand. In order to minimize the production of soluble salt.

Compared with other abrasives, garnet sand is a kind of sand blasting abrasive with short particles, multiple edges, high hardness and high specific gravity. It can go deep into the concave-convex and hole parts for deep cleaning, and achieve the effects of no residual salt, no oxide skin, corrosion rust, no paint skin, and metallic luster. It is one of the few abrasives that can reach the Sa3 high grade sand blasting standard.

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