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What precautions should be taken when sandblasting with garnet abrasives?

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1. The humidity of the air. When the relative humidity in the air reaches 85% or the surface temperature of the sandblasted object is less than 3 degrees Celsius, the sandblasting operation should be stopped. Once it gets wet, it will lose its effectiveness.

2. Time interval between sandblasting and painting. Generally speaking, painting treatment should be carried out immediately after sandblasting with pomegranate sand, so that the contact time between the sandblasted object and the air is short, the dust and moisture content falling on the surface of the workpiece are less, and the excellent sandblasting effect can be maintained and achieved Longer coating life. An excellent time interval between sandblasting and painting is 4 hours, with more than 6 hours unpainted, a secondary surface treatment is essential.

3. Detection of moisture and chloride content of pomegranate sand. Sandblasting requires less than 1% moisture and chloride content of garnet sand. If the content of the two is too high, it is very easy to produce soluble salts.

4. Try to use dust-free sandblasting abrasives. The more common dust in the sandblasting process is due to the material, such as copper slag, quartz sand, etc. with a light specific gravity, which are prone to floating objects, and the possibility of containing free silicon [silicosis]; the second is the processing reason, even if the specific gravity is heavy. The pomegranate sand, because of rough processing, not finely screened or washed, has dust in the abrasive, which will also generate dust, which will cause trouble to the operator. SGA dust-free garnet abrasive can be used, 6 times of washing, 4 times of sieving, specific gravity 4.0-4.2, very little dust.

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