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What' re Advantages about Garnet Sand for Sandblasting

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Sand blasting , common method of rust removal. The choice of sand blasting medium directly affects the rust removal effect and service life. As a sandblasting medium, Garnet is widely used in cutting industry and is very popular with users. 

What' re Advantages about Garnet Sand for Sandblasting?

Garnet sand is a natural and pollution-free sandblasting medium, which has the characteristics of high hardness, good wear resistance and uniform particles. Its particles are uniform, which can effectively remove surface corrosion and wear and ensure the rust removal effect.

In particular, SEPPE Garnet Sand has high quality and lower impurities and harmful components. It has no corrosion, secondary pollution and other negative effects on the derusting materials, which is safer and more reliable.

In addition, it can be recycled and is not easy to break. SEPPE garnet sand is more practical. Try our best to meet our customer needs.

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