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What should pay attention to when choosing garnet abrasives?

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For garnet sand, whether it is sandblasting for rust removal in life or in industry, it is indispensable to be used as abrasive. But not all garnet sand can be used as sandblasting abrasive. Sandblasting has more requirements for garnet sand, and the most important one is chloride content. Next, I will introduce how to choose garnet sand abrasive.

The quality of garnet sand produced by some manufacturers on the market is relatively poor. The content of these inferior sands is relatively high, which will easily produce soluble salts. Sandblasting in this environment will produce permeable foam inside the layer. Corrosion and oxidation will occur inside the workpiece, which will affect the service life of the layer. Therefore, when choosing garnet sand, you must choose a professional garnet manufacturer.

SGA garnet sandblasting abrasive originates from the natural riverbed sand that has been washed 6 times in the production process, and the dust content is extremely low. At the same time, due to the large proportion of SGA garnet sandblasting abrasive and fast settling speed, there is less dust during sandblasting and a good working environment.Moreover, the abrasive particles are sandblasting abrasives with small particles, many edges and corners, and ideal hardness and specific gravity. It can penetrate deep into the concave and convex positions and holes of the workpiece for cleaning.

It’s common to see more dust in the process of sandblasting. For example, copper slag and quartz sand with relatively light specific gravity will produce floating objects and may contain free silicon. For general garnet sand, there will be more dust in the abrasive if the processing process is relatively rough or just few washing times. This will casue trouble for operators. The whole process of SGA garnet sandblasting abrasive is monitored by computer, and there is no need to worry about the occurrence of this problem in multiple processes.

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