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What will be the impact on water cutting if the particle size is too coarse or too fine?

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Coarse particle size:

In order to speed up production or reduce costs, some manufacturers deliberately use oversized screens or are unwilling to stop production regularly to replace screen accessories (resulting in excessive wear of the screen and coarsening of the diameter), which makes the particles of the finished product thicker than the standard. It is easy to block the sand pipe during water cutting or sand blasting, which will increase the probability of edge burst or even break the glass during glass processing;

Grain size is too fine:

In the conventional production process, fine particle products are easier to produce. In order to reduce loss and waste sand, many manufacturers add substandard fine particle products to coarse particle products for mixed sales. In the process of use, these fine particle products will not plug the sand pipe, so this practice is more subtle, and it is difficult to find the water cutter manufacturers who generally use abrasive. However, due to the fine particles and insufficient impact force, users will find that the sand consumption is larger than that of standard products, and the actual use cost is higher than that of similar standard products.

Therefore, particle size sieve analysis must be confirmed when purchasing garnet abrasives to prevent the possibility of increasing costs or affecting production.

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