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Why Choose SEPPE Garnet Abrasive

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SEPPE offers the most comprehensive line of sandblast cleaning and waterjet cutting abrasives. All the garnet abrasives we offer for sandblasting and waterjet are considered“silica free”, greatly reducing the health risk to operators.

SEPPE garnet is a material that holds its own in the waterjet cutting and blast cleaning sectors. The reason for its popularity in these markets is the fact that it has proven to be a cost effective alternative media for applications where silica sand, which is now known to have health risks, would traditionally have been used. In addition to its non-toxicity, the material is considered to be eco-friendly as it can be recycled plus it offers low material consumption rate, purity, and high productivity rates In addition, garnet produces much less dust than other abrasive materials, and spills are relatively benign and easy to clean up.

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