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Why Choose Water Jet Cutting

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Water jet cutting does not damage the edge being cut, there is no heat created, no microabrasions. The remaining material, from which the part was cut, is still all good to be used, there is not an issue of having to discard some of it.

The water jet cutting nozzles are highly accurate and incredibly thin. The size of the kerf is less than half a millimetre and this leads to greater precision. There is a highly targetted cutting force that cuts perfectly along the intended path, leaving the remaining material all good to be used still. Across 100 or more cuts, as multiple parts are formed, this means a huge saving in time, expense and also raw material.

SEPPE garnet for waterjet cutting is extracted from almandine, so it is more angular in form and more efficient in cutting. Mixed with very high pressure water, garnet is used to cut steel and other materials in waterjets.

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