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Why Your Waterjet Mechine Easier Broken(Part 1)

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Have you found that your waterjet cutting machine is easier broken?  The price of waterjet cutting equipment is very high and many accessories are easy to wear, so replacing accessories is also a big problem, which may bring losses to enterprises.

And with the increase of environmental protection, water resources are becoming more and more precious, which indirectly leads to the increase of cutting cost. Under the same cutting requirements, the longer service life of waterjet cutting machine, the more benefites for enterprises.

You need to know that the cutting power of waterjet cutting comes from two aspects: one is high-pressure waterjet, the other is abrasives added in water. With these, it is a piece of cake to cut diamond.

The nozzle of the machine has a small diameter and is generally made of alloy material. And the inner wall of the nozzle should be smooth and flat, which can bear the pressure of water flow and abrasives. This can ensure that the nozzle itself is not cut by waterjet.

If shoddy garnet is used in waterjet, it will lead to edge explosion. The main reason is that the particle size distribution of garnet sand is uneven and the thickness is different, which is easy to cause tube breakage.

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