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Why Your Waterjet Mechine Easier Broken(Part 2)

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Long-term use of shoddy water sand will destroy the nozzle of the cutting machine and reduce the cutting accuracy.ut Replacing the damaged nozzle frequently means increasement in extra expense and the production cost. Therefore, the economic costs of using shoddy garnet are: electricity fee, freight, time, unqualified products, which affect labor work efficiency. Enthusiasm of labors may reduce.

Also sand plug in tube can be said a very common problem in waterjet cutting. Garnet sand produced by some irregular manufacturers is unclean or maybe contains dust. There is a problem with their garnet quality. Resulting in unpleasure troublesome in real operation.

SEPPE Garnet Sand is extensively used in waterjet cutting machines around the world. The highest purity garnet and highly accurate sizing of grains. Specification customized by your needs. You are suggested to choose reliable supplier.

The main advantages of SEPPE Garnet Sand are as follow:
1.Uniform particle distribution no stuck in nozzle.
2.Higher quality and flatter cutting edges while maintaining cutting speed.
3.Low consumption rate for longer service life of waterjet cutting machine.

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