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Why is alluvial pink garnet more expensive than red garnet?

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The quality of garnet sand has a great impact on the efficiency of waterjet cutting and sandblasting. The use of high quality garnet sand can achieve an increase in cutting and blasting efficiency, which in turn saves various costs such as water, electricity and labor. Relatively speaking, pink garnet is relatively expensive among many garnets, what are the reasons?

One reason is its salt and chlorine content. Since alluvial garnets are produced in freshwater river beds, they contain very little salt and chloride, making them ideal for sandblasting and waterjet cutting, which can greatly improve the quality and effectiveness of cutting and sandblasting.

On the other hand, garnet will have more dust and impurities if it has only hardness and no good production process. This is mainly due to the lack of processes such as magnetic separation and water washing in production, for example, simply 1 time magnetic separation and 2 times water washing. As the red sand belongs to the rock garnet produced in underground deposits, contains more impurities, cleaning is more troublesome, so the cleanliness is far less than the alluvial pink garnet.

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