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Why is there a price difference for garnet waterjet sand?

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The quality of waterjet sand has a great influence on the efficiency of cutting. The use of high-quality waterjet sand can improve the cutting efficiency, thereby saving various costs such as water, electricity and labor. Users who are familiar with the waterjet industry know that when judging the quality of waterjet sand, it can be judged by color, and the price of waterjet sand is also closely related to color. Relatively speaking, pink or red waterjet sand is the most expensive of all waterjet sands, so why is this?

The quality of waterjet sand mainly lies in two aspects.

One is its own hardness. Among the garnet ore, the raw material of waterjet sand, iron and aluminum are the best in terms of hardness, and their color is red. So generally speaking, red waterjet sand at least has the advantage of hardness.

On the other hand, if the waterjet sand has hardness and no good production process, there will be dust and impurities. This is mainly because the magnetic separation and water washing processes are not in place during production. For example, it is simply 1 time of magnetic separation and 2 times of water washing. Since the domestic waterjet sand is all rock ores, if the production is not in place, the problem of impurities and dust is very serious. . At present, only SGA can do multiple washing, magnetic separation and screening. Therefore, its products are very advantageous in terms of cleanliness, and in terms of raw materials, we use unweathered iron-aluminum garnet ore deep underground and impact garnet mined from natural riverbeds, so it also has advantages in hardness.

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