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Advantages of Alluvial River Garnet Abrasive

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Low chlorine content

Alluvial river garnets are mined from freshwater river beds. Therefore, alluvial river garnet is not as susceptible to chloride contamination as alluvial sea garnet. Alluvial river garnet is extremely low in chloride, reducing the chance of chloride contamination compared to other alluvial sea garnet on the market. The reduction of chloride has a weaker erosive effect on the surface of the sandblasted object, which can effectively protect the surface structure of the object and increase the bonding effect with the coating.


The low friability of alluvial garnet produces lower dust levels and allows it to be recycled up to five times. Recycling alluvial river garnet increases profitability by reducing abrasive consumption, transportation, cleaning and disposal costs.

Increase production

The sub-angular shape, hardness and bulk density of alluvial river garnet provide fast cutting capabilities that significantly increase the amount of square footage that can be blasted per hour. Increased production will reduce your labor hours and speed up blasting.

Low dust

It’s mined from natural fresh water river beds, there are less inpurities, and less dust will be generated during the opeartion. In addition, its high hardness and high density can also bring obvious effects during use, and after crushed, there will not appear a large amount of dust.

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