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Application of Garnet in the Field of Water Jet Cutting

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Garnet sand is widely used in the field of water jet. The application of garnet sand makes water jet cutting more perfect and more efficient. This is also the reason why water jetting stands out among many cutting methods, and is now widely used in industry and used in more and more fields. The applicable materials are very wide, whether in daily life or aerospace, garnet sand is required for water cutting in many places.

There are so many sandblasting abrasives on the market, why can garnet sandblasting abrasives be widely used? This is determined by the excellent characteristics of garnet sand, which can combine cutting and precision machining, can cut arbitrarily complex curves and graphics, and is very convenient to operate. SGA garnet sand is very popular in the market, it has the following four advantages:

1. Fast cutting speed

2. The cutting surface is smoother and straighter

3. No large particles block the sand pipe (nozzle)

4. No ineffective fine-grained garnet and dust

Some suggestions on how to identify and buy high-quality garnet sand: You can look at the color of the sand. Generally, high-quality garnet water jet sand is made of iron-aluminum garnet. The color of the sand is mainly dark red and pink. The hardness of the sand It is relatively high and the cutting effect is good. We can also look at the amount of dust. Put the sand and water together and stir to observe the turbidity of the water. The cleaner the water, the better.

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