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Garnet Abrasive for Sandblasting

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SGA garnet sandblasting abrasive, selected from natural alluvial garnet riverbed,with high hardness, high density and good toughness, is a high-quality, natural non-metallic sandblasting abrasive.

SGA garnet blasting abrasive, processed according to high quality standards, reasonable particle size distribution, less dust, extremely low soluble salt (chloride) content and conductivity, free of harmful components such as free silicon and heavy metals, in line with iso 11126, iso 11127 , PSPC and other specifications to meet industrial and military technical requirements.

1. Excellent surface cleaning effect

SGA garnet sandblasting abrasive can penetrate deep into holes and uneven parts for cleaning, and completely remove scale, rust, soluble salt and other dirt. The sandblasted surface has no inserts, no unfavorable spigots and pits, easily obtains a high sandblasting grade of Sa3, and the surface roughness can reach 30-80 microns for stronger coating adhesion and longer coating life.

2. Lower cost of use

SGA garnet blasting abrasive, hardness 7.5-8.0, density 4.2g/cm3, sharp edges and corners, good cutting effect, large blasting area per unit time, less sand consumption per unit area, and low blasting cost. Thanks to the excellent toughness and low brittleness of SGA garnet sandblasting abrasive, the crushing rate is low in the sandblasting process, and it can be recycled more than 5 times depending on the application, which further reduces the customer's use cost.

3. Excellent working environment

SGA garnet sandblasting abrasive has been washed 6 times during the production process, and the dust content is extremely low. At the same time, due to the large proportion of SGA garnet sandblasting abrasive and the fast settling speed, there is less dust during the sandblasting process and the working environment is excellent.

SGA garnet sandblasting abrasives are widely used in sandblasting and anti-corrosion for offshore drilling platform modules, ship hulls, petroleum and petrochemical equipment and pipelines, carriage bodies, pressure vessels, steel structures, power plants, chemical plants, oil and gas storage tanks, etc. Aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and other surface sandblasting treatment. It is an ideal choice for replacing traditional abrasives such as brown corundum, glass beads, copper slag, nickel slag, coal slag, quartz sand, steel shot, and steel grit.

SGA garnet blasting abrasive has no special requirements for blasting equipment (sandblasting machine).

Mesh SizeApplicationSandblasting Effect

Carbon steel and manganese steel sandblasting and rust removal, stainless steel sandblasting, aluminum alloy sandblasting treatment, plastic spraying treatment, glass, stone, tile sandblasting engraving.

To remove surface rust, oxide scale or more dirty steel plate, the surface roughness is required to be 30-75 microns, 60-95 microns.

Casting deburring, aluminum matte sanding treatment, stainless steel polishing treatment, aluminum alloy sanding treatment, glass frosted engraving, grinding wheel sandpaper filler accessories.

There is no requirement for surface roughness, only need to remove slight rust, oxide scale or dirt on the surface, or remove burrs on the surface to achieve a frosted effect.

Fine polishing and grinding of aluminum parts, stainless steel parts, and glassware, grinding of leather materials, and sandblasting for restoration of ancient buildings.

It can be used to make polishing paste/wax, do some fine sandblasting, mainly used to remove surface dirt without damaging the surface of the object being sprayed.

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